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With over 25 years of experience in the field of Teaching, we serve as a pathway to students towards Commitment & Progress. We do not promote mere studies but strive for PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT!


  • Thousands of Happy & Satisfied Students + Families
  • 100 % Safe Learning Environment
  • Free Career Counselling
  • CCTV Surveillance & Biometric Attendance
  • Lowest Fee Structure with Convenient Installments
  • Weekly Written & Oral Tests
  • Ample Practice Sessions for Communication Skills
  • 1500 Grammar sentences done every year in English
  • Focus on Text book learning
  • 2 Prelims are conducted for 10th & 12th Std
  • Knowledge of current affairs given to students
  • Available for students 24×7

Students love us!

Dr. Kinnari Vikmani Mishra

Dentist, Smile Clinic, India

It gives me immense pleasure to write for my Sir’s. I know them since 1997. Initially it started as teacher student relationship which soon turned into close family bonding of brother and sister. He inculcated values in me in a way which only a family member would do. I Have learnt innumerable values from both. Both Prafull Sir and Prasann Sir give in their 200% to their students in return expecting the students to give their 100% . They are ocean full of knowledge which they pass on to their students which not only helps students pass board examinations but the invaluable knowledge given by both help their students stand out in the crowd. It was Prasann Sir’s perseverance that led me take up dentistry. He saw the invincible in me. He knew my true potential and always guided me all the way and I truly my owe medical degree to him. Even today I know I can bank on both of them for the simplest of the situations and I know they will come up with solutions. I Always remember few things that they keep telling their students “The show must go on” “Karm kar fal ki chinta Mat kar”. It’s impossible to describe these 2 legends in few lines. All I would say is that those who imbibe 200% from these 2, have the secrets to succeed in life…

Kinjal Mehta Paleja

Communications Manager, Wellesta, India

To write a few lines for someone so special to me and my family is impossible. Feelings are more than words. Both the sirs’ are just not teachers but role models for all his students. They instill such good values in you that you remain greatful to them for the rest of your life because at every phase of life those values play a major role. 

You are just not taught to pass your school exams with flying colors but are also taught to become great human beings. They motivate you to excel in your life, they see your potential and guide you through your career.

Their unique teaching techniques help make difficult concepts easy to understand. They have taught us that ‘Nothing is Impossible” and that has become our Motto.

I am thankful to both of them for guiding me through my boards, my career and my life. 

Always remain the purest souls you are!

Dimple Shah Doshi

Montessori Directress, Headland Montessori, Australia

” From the early morning class to end of the day, Prasann sir did not leave a single stone unturned to uplift my academic growth.
The teaching and methodology goes beyond academics and even after 18 years of passing in your class, the values that I learnt are invaluable and has helped me be the person I am today. Where words fail to describe what your contribution has been, I will just say thank you for everything.”

Rahul Shah

Senior Software Engineer, Intel Corporation, USA

“ It was a life changing time for me back when I was learning at Prasann sir’s tuition. Apart from studies, my greatest takeaway was discipline and sincerity. Both Prasann and Praful sir are mentors to me. They laid the foundation of my success by believing in me and guiding me. Their life journey is impressive and inspirational. ”

Sneha Jain

Manager, PWC, UK

“ Prasann Sir is an extremely enthusiastic and a very knowledgeable teacher. He commits himself to the success of every single student in his class and is very passionate about teaching. He revived my love for subjects by teaching with practical examples and making complicated concepts easy to understand. He is always available at any hour of the day to answer any questions and gives up his own personal time for anyone to learn. He has always given me a lot of confidence and has helped me take a step out of my comfort zone. 15 years later, he still guides me in all major decisions of my life and I always look up to him as a role model. Thank you for inspiring and shaping so many young minds. “

Shikhar Jain

Student, HR College, India

” When teaching is accompanied with fun, learning becomes much easy. Prasann Sir has his own way of teaching things and it goes beyond just academics, he will help you with actual life lessons which we need the most in any teacher. Now a days teaching is a great business but for Prasann sir it is a family which has many members. He is an inspiration to me and is my idol. He never fails to motivate you especially when you need him the most. He will not only teach you subjects which are taught in school he will teach you and give you the sense of understanding what is to be done and what is correct. Because of him I have achieved lots in life and looking forward to achieve more with his blessings”

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